The Barbara Comstock Program for Women in Leadership provides young women with the opportunity to meet and interact with women who hold leadership roles in government, business, technology, start-ups, medicine, the military, law enforcement, media, philanthropy and other professions. Through this unique nonpartisan program, participants attend lectures and interact directly with distinguished professional women who share insights, advice, and stories of personal achievement and challenges throughout their lives and careers. The students also engage with their peers and the distinguished speakers in candid, roundtable discussions. Participants learn to identify their own strengths, practice effective communication with others, and develop their leadership abilities and relationships with leaders in their community.

The purpose of the program is to inspire these young women to set ambitious educational and career goals, provide them exposure to a variety of women leaders and professions at a young age, and to broaden their horizons. In short, if they see it, they can be it.

The program is aggressively promoted to the diverse economic, racial and ethnic population in Northern Virginia. This summer program includes 6-8 events throughout the Northern Virginia region over the summer.