“The letters came addressed to ‘Mama U’. That’s what the young ladies in Rep. Barbara Comstock’s 10th Congressional District Young Women Leadership Program affectionately called me last year after the Congresswoman invited me to be a guest speaker. Following the event, I received numerous letters from them and each one touched my heart with overflowing joy. These beautiful young ladies looked beyond my disability and saw my heart. They looked beyond what, to others, may seem like limitations and saw my passion and my resolve to make a positive difference. I look forward to this program continuing at George Mason this summer.”

Corliss Udoema, President/CEO Contract Solutions, Inc.

We enjoyed attending Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s Women’s Leadership Program in 2017 and appreciated the opportunity to learn from many amazing women leaders including government officials, scientists, educators, & business leaders. The program was truly inspiring and motivational. We are so happy to see this wonderful program continue at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University in Fairfax.”

Hidayah & Ebaadah Martinez-Jaka

“The Young Women’s Leadership Program has been a great promoter of STEM education and introducing young women to female leaders in STEM fields. I look forward to the program continuing at George Mason University.“

Bobbie Kilberg, President & CEO, Northern Virginia Technology Council

“I have participated in the Barbara Comstock 10th Congressional District Young Womens Leadership Program for two years. It has given me the opportunity to grow as a leader, expand my viewpoints on various subjects, and introduce me to a network of amazing women in leadership positions.”

Gabrielle K.M. Stewart, Woodgrove H.S., Purcellville, VA